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As with most things these days, you can do your bridal portraits your way. Traditionally, formal bridal portraits are taken about two months prior to the wedding day. However, if seasonal weather, venue location, or your wedding date aren’t conducive to that plan, let’s change it up! Or, maybe you just prefer to do things unconventionally. The world is your oyster! Let us know what you have in mind so we can get your bridal session on the books. 

Here are a few of our favorite creative options for bridal portraits:

5 Unique Ideas for Bridal Portraits | Dazzling Diva Photography

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Double up with a bridal boudoir session. We can take portraits with the dress—and without. 😉 A boudoir session is as much an experience for you as it is a gift for your other half. Take some time to pamper yourself and get all dolled up if you’d like. Splurge on new lingerie sets you feel beautiful and confident in (or maybe your favorite gifts from your bachelorette shower). Let’s have some fun! Take time to unwind before your wedding day. We have access to a private boudoir suite with a gorgeous vanity and clawfoot tub we can use for your session. Get in touch with me here for more info. Ask about custom boudoir albums and gift ideas as well.

Glamour Session | Editorial or Fine Art Bridal Portraits

Love fashion? Book a bridal glamour session with Dazzling Diva. The Oak Atelier offers several gorgeous studio options for glamor photoshoots, complete with mirrors and several luxurious furniture pieces to rent. Bring along your veil and other en vogue accessories for shoot. Then, display your magazine-worthy portraits at your cocktail hour or reception. Glamour bridal portraits also make fantastic wall art pieces and galleries.

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Bridal-First Look Session

Merge your bridals and first look together. If you want a bit more than a first look and less stress on your wedding day, consider a full first look session before your wedding day. It’ll give you more time to really savor the moment and spend intimate time together without feeling rushed. 

Bridals at Oak Atelier The Woodlands; first look

Plus, it’ll add some wiggle room into the schedule, giving you more time to get ready on the big day. A pre-wedding first look session allows you to have both an intimate first look and that jaw-dropping end-of-the-aisle moment on your wedding day. 

first look and bridal portraits The Woodlands; Dazzling Diva Photography

Post-Wedding Bridal Session

You might book a post-wedding bridal session for a number of reasons. Sometimes I book bridal re-dos for brides who aren’t happy with their bridals by another photographer; or maybe they weren’t happy with the dress, hair, makeup, or location. You aren’t stuck with those portraits! Only you will ever know that your bridal portraits were taken after the wedding. 

Dazzling Diva Photography

Some brides like to schedule another session after the wedding because they can enjoy the session without worrying that they’ll mess up the dress. Plus, you won’t feel rushed or the pressure of wedding planning. 

Post-wedding bridals are also a great opportunity to get extra couple’s portraits at your desired location. On your wedding day, you’re limited to portraits around the venue. However, you can book a post-wedding bridal and couple’s session to get additional images at a variety of locations near The Woodlands, such Market Street, The Waterway, a forest location, or the Oak Atelier studio spaces. 

post-wedding bridal portraits

Trash the Dress Bridal Session

Ok, so I have a hard time completely trashing one of the most beautiful future heirloom items from your wedding day (and I don’t want you to regret it and hate me later!) So, I use this term loosely. I’d prefer not to book true trash the dress sessions. However, once the wedding is over, you have a bit more freedom for creative bridals. 

trash the dress photos

Forest bridals are gorgeous, as are downtown and waterway portraits! But some brides are nervous to do those before the wedding day because there’s a chance dirtying or tearing the dress, especially during the rainy season. If you’d like do do your bridals in a grassy field or forest location, a post-wedding bridal session is a great way to get those dreamy portraits without risking the dress before your wedding day. And, if it does get dirty, you won’t be in a time crunch to get it cleaned or repaired.

bridal photographer Houston, The Woodlands

Anniversary Session

Dust off that wedding dress and tux, and let’s relive the celebration! Book an anniversary session with Dazzling Diva. We can shoot your session at the studio or at an outdoor location. A picnic in your wedding attire would be a ton of fun, too. Don’t forget to bring along a cake and pop some bubbly.

anniversary photography sessions

Have another idea for your bridal session? I’m all ears!

Ready to schedule your photo session? Get in touch here to start planning your Dazzling Diva bridal portraits.

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