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Wondering if you need a full session or mini session? Here’s a guide to help you decide from Dazzling Diva Photography, The Woodlands Family Photographer:

Dazzling Diva Photography | The Woodlands Family Photographer

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Full Sessions

Full sessions can last up to an hour. However, I often take hundreds of photos in just a few minutes in order to get every tiny detail, movement, and moment. Then, I’ll fine tune and let you preview the very best to choose from. 

Typically, my full sessions last 30-45 minutes if we get all the shots we need. As an experienced family photographer, I know when we’ve got the best shots, and you’ll know, too—you can just feel it! 

Sometimes, there’s no need to force cranky kids to do more if they’ve done a great job and we captured all the winning shots up front. All that to say, I work with you to ensure that you get every picture you want—and then some. I personalize every full session to your family’s specific needs.

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions include ten minutes of photos. If doing a themed mini session, I carefully select the props and design the custom backdrop ahead of time for you. Mini sessions are great for: 

  • Older Kids
  • Newborns & Babies (up to one year)
  • Social Toddlers (who warm up fast & run out quickly)
  • Themed/Seasonal Sessions (Fall Sessions, Tree Farm Minis, Christmas Photos, Mom & Me, etc.)
Seasonal photo sessions

How to Decide if You Need a Mini or Full Session

Still unsure which is best for you? Ask yourself these questions:

What’s Best for Your Kiddo(s)?

All kids are different, and you know your child (or children) best. Do they take a while to warm up? A full session will give us more wiggle room to explore the location first, get to know each other, and warm up to the camera so we can get those priceless pictures. 

On the other hand, if your littles are like mine, they run out of juice fast. They’re excited to be the star of the show one minute, then they’re so over it the next. A ten-minute mini session doesn’t sound like a long time, but for many small families with young kiddos, it’s plenty of time to get what we need (I’ll still take hundreds of photos—no exaggeration)! Plus, it’ll be easier to choose your favorites later—you will get the best of the best! 

The Woodlands Family Photographer
The Woodlands Family Photographer

Any Special Situations to Consider?

Sometimes, kiddos with special needs require a bit more time to settle in and get acquainted. Or, you might need extra time if your child has certain medical equipment that needs to tag along to the session. I’ve experienced both, and I’m here to make it as easy and fun as possible for you and your sweet kids so they can fully enjoy the experience. 

The pandemic has thrown most of us for a loop, especially young kids who may not be used to being around people. If your child tends to be timid, a longer session might help you feel at ease.

Similarly, I recommend full sessions for all large families. The extra time will make it so they don’t feel rushed.

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What Style Do You Want?

Some specific types of sessions or photography styles usually require full sessions, including:

  • Lifestyle Photography (for those real life, in-the-moment action shots)
  • Personal Branding Sessions
  • Lifestyle Newborn Sessions
  • Senior Portraits
  • Sessions with Multiple Styles and Outfits
  • 1st Birthday (so we can warm up, have room for an outfit change, do the smash cake, and clean up)
  • Extra-Personalized Sessions
first birthday
Personal Branding Portraits

Where are You Taking Photos?

Most of my mini sessions take place at a pre-determined location. So, if you have another location in mind or would like to walk around for photos (at The Waterway or Market Street for instance), then you’ll need a full session.

Senior/graduation portraits also require full session because we often go to a couple locations for a variety of backdrops and styles.

For expecting mamas, we usually change up maternity sessions quite a bit, too. We might do a few outdoors, and then do the rest inside one of the spaces at The Oak Atelier. They even have a luxurious room and tub for milk bath photos, which of course requires a full session because of time.

Are You Changing Outfits?

This one may be a bit obvious, but I thought I’d throw it in here anyway. You will need to book a full session if you plan on doing 1-2 outfit changes (such as for family photos, a branding session, birthday session, or senior portraits).

personal branding photographer
Dazzling Diva Photography

Is One Better Than the Other?

Not at all! I offer limited mini sessions (only a handful of dates available for the whole year) and full sessions (offered year round!) to meet your family’s needs and time constraints. Some prefer to have a preset theme so they can get in and out quickly, while others desire more personalization and variety. Either way, I ensure the highest quality for all of your photos. I invest the same amount of time and care in polishing your photos to perfection no matter if you do a full or mini session with me. 

The Woodlands Family Photographer
The Woodlands Family Photographer

Have a Few More Questions for The Woodlands Family Photographer?

I’m here to help! Visit my website and my blog for general photography information. Or, simply drop a line on my contact form, and I’ll get right back to you.

The Woodlands Family Photographer

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