Gone are the days when professional portraits meant cramming into a stuffy studio with a bland-colored backdrop and a lone stool. Or, remember those obviously fake nature backdrops? And we thought they were “fancy!” Thankfully portraiture has come a long way since then. Now, professional portraits (done right) look much more authentic and reflective of real life. As a professional portrait photographer, I’m here to help you preserve life’s sweetest moments through captivating, gorgeous photos that will light up a room.

You deserve more than fake smiles and rushed sessions. I’m here to help you document every milestone through images that touch your soul and truly reflect those who matter most in your life. As every parent knows, the days seem slow, but the years go by in the blink of an eye. Capture it all while you can and document the journey from your baby growing in your belly, to graduation day – and beyond!

As your family’s portrait photographer, I make it all as easy as possible, including a magazine-worthy wardrobe containing:

  • Designer couture dresses for girls size 9 months to size 14/16.
  • Rompers for girls size 3 months to 3t.
  • Pants, shirts, vests, shorts for boys, newborn to size 8.
  • 60+ maternity and non-maternity designer dresses for women in a variety of colors and styles, as well as head pieces and belts.
  • Bows, headbands, bow ties.

All you have to do is book your session, tell me your vision, and show up with the family.

Here are seven top family milestones that deserve beautiful portraits:

Anniversary Couples Portraits

It all begins here with the two of you. Take time to celebrate your love with professional couples portraits for a big anniversary or simply just because. Let’s be honest: how many good, non-selfie photos do you have with your best friend and the love of your life? The two of you are worth it!

Best Locations for Couples Portraits:

Couples portraits can be taken just about anywhere – let’s take a trip downtown, head to the waterway, get lost among the pines. You tell me where you want to go! I have an indoor and greenhouse outdoor studio available as well. I do love a romantic sunrise or sunset session, though!

When to Schedule Your Couples Portraits

Anytime! However, if you want them for a special occasion – like displaying them at an anniversary party or for holiday cards – book well in advance to ensure you have the photos when you need them. Availability changes throughout the year, and it takes about two weeks to process images (plus add on printing time, if needed).

PS – Couples sessions make great gifts and fun dates!

Contact me here for pricing and availability. 

Maternity Portraits

I know, pregnancy seems to last forever when you’re smack in the middle of it. But crazy enough, it all fades into a distant memory sooner than you think. Your body is absolutely amazing and beautiful! I want every mama-to-be to feel gorgeous, empowered, and confident. Take portraits to remember the beautiful pregnancy glow and all that your superwoman body has accomplished. Pregnancy is a milestone that needs to be documented – for yourself and your sweet babies to see later on.

Pssst: I have over 60 glamorous gowns for you to choose from! Go ahead, pamper yourself with hair and makeup and feel like the diva you are!

Best Locations for Maternity Sessions:

I’m going to let you take the reins on this one. I remember feeling like I swallowed a watermelon, and there were some places and positions that I just did not want to be in during my third trimester. It gets hot in Texas. So, if you’re having a summer baby, an outdoor session may not be for you (or we could plan for the cooler morning or my favorite, sunset golden hour). If that’s the case, we have access to rent an  air-conditioned studio that  is open year-round! 

I also love luxurious milk bath sessions in a tub filled with petals. So, relax in the tub, enjoy the coolness of the studio, or dance in grassy fields if you’re up for it! I promise I get the shots we need quickly, so you won’t be in the heat for long!

When to Schedule Your Maternity Session:

We’ll shoot for the first to the middle part of your third trimester (28-33 weeks). You won’t be quite ready to pop, but your bump will really start to show at that time. Get in touch with me to plan your session toward the end of your first trimester or the beginning of your second trimester (15-20 weeks) to reserve a spot on the schedule.

Preview sessions and learn more about Dazzling Diva maternity packages here. I have Bump to Baby packages available, too! Book a membership with me today.

Newborn Portraits

Oh, Mama, I know you’re tired, but please don’t skip out on these! Plus, I will make the whole process as easy as possible. All you have to do is be there for snuggles and feeds. I have years of experience doing outdoor newborn portraits for families in the Greater Houston area. I also have an amazing professional photographer on my team who does gorgeous posed newborn work (available for bundle clients only). Not only do I ensure that you and your baby are safe, comfortable, and happy. Your tiny bundle of joy will transform into a bouncing toddler before you know it, so make it a priority to capture these sweet, precious moments before they’re gone. I want to help you remember those impossibly tiny toes, button nose, and sleepy smile for years to come.

Best Locations for Newborn Portraits:

Surprisingly enough, you have quite a few options for newborn portraits. I can come to you for an at-home lifestyle shoot. Or, we can go to one of my favorite grassy fields and wooded trails. In addition, we have access to an indoor studio or a white glasshouse space. If you opt for posed newborn photos, those will be done inside in a studio, with access to wraps, tiebacks, and more!  Choose the option that feels most comfortable for you and your baby – we’ll get great photos no matter which option you choose!

When to Schedule Your Newborn Portraits:

Baby decides this one! If you do your maternity session with me, we’ll go ahead and tentatively put your due date or induction date on the schedule (don’t worry, I know that little ones rarely come on the exact date). I’ll keep some flexibility in my schedule to accommodate that time frame. It’s best to contact me as soon as the baby is born. We will schedule your session for between day 5-24, if at all possible, as those first few weeks are ideal for getting true newborn portraits with that soft wrinkly skin and sleepy face. Plus, most babies sleep through their sessions at this stage, which makes their sessions go smoothly.

Preview sessions and learn more about Dazzling Diva newborn packages here

First Birthday Portraits

How did that happen?! One day you were staring into your newborn’s sleepy eyes, and now you’re anticipating their first steps! While your little one will not remember their first birthday, they will carry the love and excitement in their heart. It sounds sappy, but it’s so true! What a blessing and a joy to watch those chubby hands grab a fistful of cake for the first time (or just poke at it, which is equally as cute). Freeze those sweet cheeks in time with one-year portraits!

Best Locations for First Birthday Portraits:

If you want to do a cake smash, an outdoor spot works well. Maybe a forest or an open grassy field. We can also opt for the white glasshouse, which is timeless and classic. Plus, I have an adorable little bathtub that looks super cute for cleanup photos. Although this is an add on option, it is beyond worth it!

If you don’t have an outfit prepared, not to worry! We have an incredibly vast wardrobe that includes dresses, birthday onesies, and props like tiaras and crowns to celebrate special occasions! Let me know if you’re interested.

When to Schedule First Birthday Portraits

It takes about two weeks after the session to get your photos, so plan accordingly if you need your photos for prints or cards. Babies change so much during that first year, so we’ll aim for a session as close to your child’s actual birthday as possible, usually during their 11th month. 

Preview sessions and learn more about Dazzling Diva First Birthday packages here

Siblings + Early Childhood Years

I can’t help it; these always make my eyes glisten. There’s nothing more special than the unshakable bond between siblings. Sure, there will be times when you can’t take any more of their squabbles, but when you see them lending a helpful hand, smothering each other in kisses, or giggling uncontrollably…whew! Bring out the tissues! Catch those moments while you can! They’ll be grown before you know it. 

Best Locations for Sibling Portraits

The key here is to find a place where your little ones can have fun and feel comfortable. I genuinely love playing with kiddos and making them laugh, so not to worry – I’ll work my magic for you. 

I always get great photos outdoors, too (if the weather is good, which it usually is). Fresh air has a calming effect on little ones. Forests, fields, and outdoor spaces give them room to roam and explore, which naturally produces adorable candids. I probably would not recommend a crowded downtown spot near streets, but the waterway or downtown green spaces are great!

If you don’t have an outfit prepared, we have a wardrobe that includes coordinating dresses, birthday onesies, and props like tiaras and crowns to celebrate special occasions! I want this to be as stress-free as possible! Let me know if you want to look through them – all you have to do for your session is show up with your kiddos!

When to Schedule Sibling Portraits

Is there ever really a bad time for these? However, certain occasions and milestones may lend themselves well to professional sibling portraits: your newborn with an older sibling(s); holiday cards; big birthdays; updated photos that document their growth. 

And, these aren’t just for early childhood. The later years – although often busier – are just as sweet. It’s important to document their sibling bonds that have strengthened over the years, especially as they develop their unique personalities. Keep in mind, it does take about two weeks to process photos after the session, plus additional time for prints.

Preview sessions and learn more about Dazzling Diva children packages here

High School + College Senior Portraits

What better time to freeze a moment than right before your child takes flight? No longer a little child, your “baby” is transforming into a young adult blossoming with potential. Capture these last few months before they step out on their next adventure. 

We can do a graduation session, too, if you prefer. Bring along the cap and gown, and let’s celebrate all that hard work (and mom and dad’s unending patience)!

Best Locations for Senior Portraits:

Senior sessions have always been some of my favorites. They’re filled with personality and energy. I work with my seniors to choose meaningful locations – their high school campus, the baseball field, an urban downtown location, the waterway, wooded trails, or an indoor or outdoor studio. The main thing is to pick a place that authentically represents your young adult. 

What to Wear for Senior Portraits:

Ideally, I encourage my seniors to bring a few changes – something a bit dressier and formal, something casual and fun, and another outfit that reflects their hobbies and interests, such as a cheer or band uniform. Letterman jackets are great! If they’ve already decided on their plans after graduation, it’s also fun to include something representative of their anticipated college, university, career, or trade.

Also, go ahead and bring along the accessories – a baseball glove and bat, riding boots and equestrian gear, a well-loved guitar – whatever makes your heart sing!

When to Schedule Your Senior Portraits:

Don’t wait to take senior portraits. Go ahead and book as soon as you know you’ll need them. Some even book the spring or summer before their senior year. Plan for about two weeks to receive your portraits. So, if you need them for yearbooks, athletic programs, announcements, etc. in the fall or beginning of the school year, make sure to book early.

Preview sessions and learn more about Dazzling Diva senior packages here

Family Portraits

I get it. Life seems to get busier every year. Between after-school practices and crazy work schedules, it can be tricky to get everyone together for family portraits, especially large, multi-generational sessions. But I cannot recommend them enough! Not only do they help document life in stages, but family sessions also have a way of bringing people together. They give you intentional time to focus on each other. Sometimes all it takes is a sunset family session to remind you of what matters most. The love between family members runs deep. Whether the pure connection between a grandmother and her grandbaby or a quick kiss between husband and wife as the kids play tag, these are the simple yet profound moments that should be preserved for years to come.

Best Locations for Family Portraits

I’m a bit partial to outdoor family portraits. Tall pines or golden grass make the very best backdrops, plus there’s plenty of space for the whole family. I also have access to a local studio we can rent with several rooms available if you’d prefer to take them indoors. Whether you want a sunset session by the waterway or a golden sunrise session in the forest, we can find the perfect spot for you!

When to Schedule Family Portraits

One of the most popular times here in Texas for family portraits is during the fall. The colors are beautiful, it’s not 1000 degrees outside, and it’s just in time for holiday cards. But, I can do family sessions any time of year! If you have an upcoming family reunion or event, that’s often a great time to schedule portraits since everyone will be together.

Preview sessions and learn more about Dazzling Diva family packages here

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