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Sometimes you just need a bit of magic in your life. Surprise your little princess (or prince!) with a whimsical unicorn session this May. Next to my Santa Experience and themed holiday sessions, these petite fantasy photography sessions are some of my very favorites. Of course it’s fun creating the images, but most of all, I simply love seeing your kids’ reactions! Every single session melts my heart, and I absolutely love providing this unique experience for you and your kiddo. A unicorn session is a gift that all of you will cherish for a lifetime. Childhood is so very sweet, special, and unfortunately fleeting. Fantasy photography beautifully portrays the world as our kids see it—magical in every way. Horses are unicorns, and our kids are princes and princesses! These images help you preserve those memories while looking forward to all that the future holds. I just love pulling out previous photos like these of my kids and appreciating not just who they were then but how much they’ve grown and who they’ve become since then. Dive into the beautiful imagination of theirs by gifting a unicorn session.

fantasy photography unicorn sessions by Dazzling Diva Photography, Houston, The Woodlands

I only have a few spots in this very limited one-day event. However, I like to let parents know about these so you can keep an eye out for future dates and have more info before booking. I try to do these at least once a year. The key, of course, is having the perfect unicorn for our event. 😉

fantasy photography unicorn sessions by Dazzling Diva Photography, Houston, The Woodlands

Here are a few FAQs about Dazzling Diva Fantasy Photography Sessions:

When is this session?

This year’s Petite Unicorn Sessions will be held on May 22 and 29 at The Oak Atelier in Magnolia.

When can I book?

My Petite Unicorn Session signups release February 18, 2022 at 9pm. Contact me here for more information on booking.

Can I book next year’s session now?

In an effort to give all of my wonderful families an equal opportunity to book these limited sessions, I do not book in advance. For each fantasy photography event, I make an announcement for the upcoming release date and time, which is usually a few months prior to the event. Once booking opens, it’s first come, first served, so sign up fast! These usually go instantly.

fantasy photography unicorn sessions by Dazzling Diva Photography, Houston, The Woodlands

Are unicorn sessions full sessions or mini sessions?

The Dazzling Diva Unicorn Experience is a petite session, which means it falls in between a typical full and mini session. You’ll have select access to the client closet (see more info below). Fantasy photography sessions are a bit longer than mini sessions, but not quite as long as a full session. I don’t allot an exact time, and I assure you it will be long enough for your child to fully enjoy the magic of it all and for me to get those stunning images. Petite sessions are *just right* for the unicorn experience.

What should my child wear for fantasy photography sessions?

You can bring the outfit of your choice, but I highly recommend one of the dresses I’ve selected for this event. I’ve considered the dress designs and colors to complete the fairytale look (some styles and colors don’t lend well to unicorn photography). 

For that reason, I’m offering limited selections from my children’s client closets, but I have all sizes available in the selections I’ve hand-picked for this event.

Client Closet Sizes: 2T-8 for boys and 2T-16 for girls.

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Do you have accessories to match?

Yes, I have shoes, bows, and headpieces to match the dresses.

Is it ok if my child has never ridden a horse?

Yes! Most of these children (if not all) have never ridden a horse or have limited experience around horses. That’s ok! Part of the reason these sessions are so limited is because I only use horses that are perfectly tame, socialized, experienced with young kids, and used to being photographed. Our “unicorn” is rigorously vetted to keep your child safe, no experience needed on your part. Photos can be taken on the ground or on the horse. View examples Instagram

*Note: children will not be riding the horse. She is there for prop purposes only, and an experienced handler will be with your child and horse at all times.

What age is best for fantasy photography sessions?

I typically say age four to twelve is the “sweet spot,” but every kiddo is different. I don’t assign a specific age range for this event. If you have questions or concerns or aren’t sure if your child is ready, please message me and we can chat about it!

imagination sessions; imagination photography; unicorn sessions; unicorn photography near me; Dazzling Diva Photography

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