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Congratulations! Business is growing, and you’re ready to take things to the next level with a personal branding photoshoot. If you’re looking for more info and personal branding examples, we can help! Unlike headshots (although similar), personal branding photos let you flaunt a bit more personality. They’re a great way to define your brand and give it a face—your face! Potential clients will feel more comfortable reaching out when they can put a trustworthy face to a name and service. 

Human connection is one of the most powerful things you can do for your brand, especially now with so much online business and sales. You can use your personal branding photos on business cards, website material, social media, and more. For instance, if you host webinars or consultations, be sure to post your photos along with the information so they can see who they’ll be working with.

While size and style are limited with formal headshots, we can branch out with your branding session. The goal is for your photos to feel authentic and accurately represent you and your work. That being said, each personal branding shoot is completely unique to the brand and 

7 Personal Branding Examples | What to Wear

1. Classic—with a Pop!

Wear a classic and flattering little black dress or black pants, then take it up a notch! Add some personality with lipstick and accessories like bangles, a scarf, hat, layered necklaces. Colorful heels are my favorite pop to pair with a little black dress or pants! Wear a color that authentically reflects your brand and personality! Or maybe you’ve been waiting for the occasion to slip into those shoes with a bow. It’s ok to go out of the box here.

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2. Neutrals

Pastel or neutral outfits are chic and timeless, and they also make sure you shine. Your face is the focal point of these photos without distracting patterns or colors in the way. Try a flowy dress, or pair a neutral button-down and blazer with nice jeans. These beautiful neutral sets are perfect examples of personal branding attire.

3. Work Attire

Work attire looks different for everyone. Maybe you work from home and want to wear a cute causal outfit (but please, no sweat pants, even if that’s what you actually rock most days). Or, if you’re a yoga instructor or fitness coach, there’s a lot of great fitness and athleisure wear that would be perfect for a personal branding shoot. And of course, if you work in the corporate world, we can incorporate some business wear into your session, too.

4. Black Separates

I love this look! It’s professional and flattering, and it shows off a powerful air of confidence, too. As with a little black dress, you could pair this with some colorful accessories if you want to break up the black a little. As a bolder take on neutrals, a black outfit is elegant yet won’t detract from you as the focal point. Don’t forget a bit of lip color to draw attention to define your features.

5. Something Fun!

Do you have branded t-shirts or apparel you’d like to showcase in your photoshoot? Bring them along! And while I typically recommend against graphic, logo, or slogan tees, this could be a great place to bring them out for a couple of photos if they represent you and your brand. 

You might also consider an outfit that you just love and feel great in! Your confidence and happiness are just as important as the outfit you choose. If you feel restricted in a tailored suit, bring a fun outfit that fits your style and fashion. Ruffled red romper? Yes, please!

6. Fitted & Flowy Dress

Flowy dresses always photograph well. I just love the movement and elegant touch. Just be sure that your dress has a waistline and accentuates your shape. Although cute, some straight-lined shift dresses or extra loose dresses can overwhelm your silhouette in photos. Consider your neckline for photos as well. Baltic Born and Lulus have some great options, and you’re welcome to my women’s client closet full of gorgeous couture dresses as well! Check out the online closet here.

7. Light & Dark

For another stunning yet timeless look, try pairing a light-colored shirt with a dark blazer or flowy cardigan or vice versa. The complementary colors add contrast, definition, and balance to your look. It’s an easy way to dress up your style.

Need More Personal Branding Outfit Recommendations?

We’re here to help make the entire process from booking to image delivery as easy as possible. That includes wardrobe and location guidance, too! Let us know more about you, your brand, and your photoshoot vision so we can design the perfect personal branding session for you! Reach out to Kelley or a dedicated Dazzling Diva team member here. We’re happy to share a few more personal banding examples as well.

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