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We’ve all been dazzled by gorgeous family portraits, with every child smiling and authentically posed to perfection. However, if you’re a parent or caregiver, that may seem like more of a dream than a reality. At Dazzling Diva Photography, we care as much about our youngest clients as the ones who book the session. It’s our pleasure to help children feel prepared to make the process smoother. (Hint: the best photos organically happen in the moment more often than not! So, the key is to help create magical moments during the shoot.) We are proud to serve as your Woodlands family photographer!

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Photo Session

Arrive Well-Rested

As a mother, I know this may be easier said than done. If your child still naps, try scheduling a photo session during a time when they are usually awake. This way, they can nap beforehand and arrive at the photoshoot refreshed and ready to play (and play, we will!). 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Imagine arriving hungry at a busy restaurant. The wait time keeps getting longer, and you grow more irritable by the second. When you are hungry, it quickly starts to affect your mood. Food becomes our only focus when we’re running on empty. Imagine how much harder it is for little ones to combat hunger. If possible, ensure your children eat a nutritious meal before the shoot; they will be much happier! Unfortunately, no amount of distraction will work on a hungry kiddo.

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Bring Snacks

Speaking of food, feel free to bring easy, non-messy snacks to the photo session. Puffs, cereal, goldfish, raisins, and the like all work well. Snacking will give children something to do if there is any downtime, and it will also help to ensure that no one is upset from being hungry. 

Bring Extra Clothes

Kids are messy, and accidents happen, so I highly recommend bringing an extra outfit for each child just to be safe. (Be sure to pack backup outfits that go with the style or theme for your photo shoot.) You might even pack extra hair bows, hats, or accessories. It’s nice to have options!

Woodlands Family Photographer; Dazzling Diva Photography
Woodlands Family Photographer; Dazzling Diva Photography

Wear Cute and Comfortable Shoes: 

While new designer shoes look great in photos, it can make the photoshoot difficult if it’s painful to walk to different locations. The same happens with children. Shoes will show in pictures, so you want them to match. But it’s also important to put your little ones in comfortable shoes. If we are doing outdoor photos, we may need to walk a bit. We don’t want to risk blisters, falls, or unhappy kiddos due to shoe issues.  

Let Kids Know What to Expect

A big reason that children act out during photo sessions is that they feel nervous and afraid. They have never done this before, and the new experience can seem overwhelming to kids who love their routines.

Before arriving at your scheduled session, sit with your kids and discuss the process. Explain what they will wear, tell them about the photoshoot location, and remind them that this will be a fun family activity. You might even show them examples of children’s photography so they can see how it will look. Later, they will love seeing themselves in every dazzling photo. 

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Incentivize (ahem, bribe…)

You know your children better than anyone. If you think the photo session might be challenging for them, try giving them something to look forward to! Offer a small treat or family movie night to reward good behavior during the photoshoot. The reward will help your children to relax and look forward to their prize.

Bring Toys or Familiar Items

Sometimes, having a few toys or favorite items like a lovey can be helpful during a photo session. Allow your children to bring a few things to help them feel happy and comfortable. And if you have any silly items, I can hold them behind the camera to help make them laugh. Photoshoots should be fun and playful, so any items that help your children feel safe and at peace are more than welcome!

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Our kids grow up so fast. One minute they are taking their first steps, and the next minute they are walking across the stage at graduation! That is why we believe family portraits are invaluable. We want to help document all those special moments and milestones so that you can look back on them for years to come and display them with pride. 

The dedicated Dazzling Diva team aims to give each of our clients a stress-free experience that will capture the love and joy between you and your family members. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns about your upcoming sessions. As a Woodlands family photographer, I’ve photographed countless families with children of all ages, and our team is ready to help plan a session that best fits your family’s needs. We are now booking for 2023.

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