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Now that we’re past the scorching hot days of summer and easing into autumn, I am more than ready to get some cozy fall family photos sessions going in the next few weeks. I just love seeing little ones in their adorable fall outfits, and it’s nice to finally be able to layer up for more texture and color. 

But, I know that finding the perfect outfits for the whole family can seem a bit daunting. If you’re stuck in summer and need a bit of fall inspiration for your upcoming fall family photos, I’ve got you covered! Here are a few of my favorite fall trends and color palettes that work incredibly well for photos—and they’re easy to pull together, too! 

One of my biggest recommendations is to avoid dressing in overly “matchy” attire. Incorporating a couple of complementary accent colors and having fun with textures, materials, and accessories will not only give you some wiggle room when selecting outfits, but it also adds personality and character to the photos.

Dazzling Diva Photography

Note: When choosing outfits, consider how you plan to use your photos. Themed holiday sessions are super cute. Sweaters and seasonal colors look adorable on cards. But you may want to go with a more neutral look if you plan on using them for wall art since they’ll be displayed year-round.

6 Stunning Color Palettes for Fall Family Photos

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals work well for any season. They’re perfect for a classic look, and I like them because they ensure that you remain the focal point of the photos—no bold colors to detract from your smiling faces. For fall, consider warm shades of ivory, beige, cream, gray, blue, green, and latte/mocha. Avoid bright white or pairing your neutrals with brighter spring or summer shades to keep with the fall look.

Fall family photos
Dazzling Diva Photography
family fall photos

Jewel Tones

love jewel tones and think they’re especially fitting for fall photos. Surprisingly, they’re easy to coordinate with. Select complementary pieces to round out the look. Shades of raspberry, royal blue, emerald green, plum, teal, topaz, burgundy, and gold serve as beautiful accent colors in fall family photos (not used all together, of course). I also have a collection of beautiful couture dresses for you to choose from–view my Women’s Client Closet.

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Earthy + Cozy

Ready for some sweater weather? I sure am! Natural earthy tones work really well for fall, winter, and holiday photos. Shades of sage or olive green, sienna brown, gray, navy, blue-gray, terracotta, marigold, and mustard photograph well. Consider your backdrop while selecting outfits. For instance, you may look absolutely stunning in forest green, but you may want to avoid looking like you are part of the forest. Opt for colors that stand out a bit from your surroundings. Blues, grays, and golds look amazing against the trees, and greens and browns look great in the Oak Atelier studio space, The Willow glasshouse, or more urban atmosphere like The Woodlands Waterway.

family fall photos

Traditional Fall Colors

Shades of burgundy, orange, marigold, and red look amazing for fall photos. Muted versions of these work best, especially if you go with orange and red. Avoid bright solids for blouses and dresses because those colors tend to reflect off of your face and skin. If you love color, you might also consider a subtle print in that color (such as small florals) or an accessory in that color (such as a belt, hat, scarf, or piece of jewelry). It still says fall without overwhelming the subjects. This mama went with a large print, but it’s the only print in the photos, and the colors in the outfits complement each other well.

Fall-Inspired Pastels

Dusty shades of pink and orange look beautiful in fall portraits. Think: subtle shades of rose, mauve, pink, violet, and blush. These shades add just a bit of elegant color to your photos without being too much. They also pair nicely with neutrals and denim, so it’s easy to coordinate with the guys as well for a casual look. Or, these shades can help elevate your look if you want something just above casual. (These photos were taken in the spring, but their outfits are lovely and work well with any season for a classic look and perfect portraits.)

Other fall-inspired muted pastels include: muted fall colors and soft blues and greens.

Seasonal Patterns + Textures

If you want to play up the holiday vibes (for the late fall and winter sessions), try incorporating hints of seasonal patterns. Some examples include:

  • Flannel
  • Plaid
  • Houndstooth
  • Tweed
  • Checkered patterns
  • Buffalo plaid
  • Crushed velvet
  • Corduroy
  • Felt
  • Sweaters
  • Wool
  • Color-blocks
  • Knitted or crocheted patterns 

These can look great—in moderation. When done well and staying on-trend, these can lend themselves to a cozy and classic holiday look. Be careful not to go overboard here though. Think of them as small details and accents—no need to dress everyone in outdated 80’s corduroy pants!

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