what to wear for senior pictures

If you’re a parent reading this, you may have happy tears in your eyes wondering where the time has gone—how is your baby’s graduation just a few months away?! And if you’re the soon-to-be graduate reading this, I’m sure you’re counting down the days till you have that diploma in your hand, ready to set off on your very own grand adventure. Whatever role you find yourself in, high school graduation is an incredible life milestone! As much as you think you’ll remember this moment forever, memories fade as life moves forward. Capture it while you can! Senior graduate portraits are a great way to preserve the memories. Years from now, both of you can look back at the face of a young and inspired high school senior and see just how far that incredible person has come since then. 

what to wear for senior pictures

Senior photos are a mile marker in your journey. And while every young adult has things to do and people to see, don’t rush past this session. Prepare and enjoy it to the fullest so Mom and Dad can show off just how proud they are, and you can show off your personality and passions. Do it for your family, and do it for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it, and I’ll help you have a blast during your session!

ideas for senior portraits

Wondering what to wear for senior pictures? Most graduate portraits involve full sessions, which means you’ll get a couple of wardrobe changes (I recommend 2-3 to get the most out of your time with me). Also, layered outfits may help you change your look quickly without taking away from your session time. Add or remove a few statement pieces to completely change your look without needing a changing room. Here are my top outfit recommendations for your upcoming session:

What to Wear for Senior Pictures | 5 Outfit Ideas for Photos

1. Classic Chic

We’ve got plenty of time for you to show off your unique style and trendy fashion statements during your senior portrait session. As parents, believe it or not, we’ve been there and done that. Humor your folks and bring along a classic outfit, too. For the ladies, pair jeans with an earth-toned or neutral-colored blouse or sweater. Dress it up with a piece of jewelry or a scarf. Bangles, earrings, and/or a long necklace work well. Skirts and flowy dresses (nothing boxy) also photograph incredibly well. Depending on the season, boots, wedges, sandals, or casual sneakers like Converse look great! For the guys, try jeans or khakis paired with a button-down shirt (solid or patterned). This classic look will make you the focal point of the photo, which is ideal for portraits and wall art you want on display. 

outfit ideas for graduation
outfit ideas for seniors
what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography
what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography

2. Formal Attire

Prom is not the only chance to get all dolled up. We do quite a few quinceañera

sessions, and you’re welcome to use one of the ballgown dresses from my Client Closet for your graduation session, too. Or, wear your prom dress or your favorite formal attire to remember these years and the fun memories that came with them. Guys, you don’t have to go full formal if you don’t want to. A blazer or sports coat can be fun additions to your session if you want to change it up and elevate your portraits a bit.

what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography
what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography
what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography

3. Trendy + Casual

Here’s where you get to do your thing! It’s super fun to look back at the fashion trends a decade from now (which comes faster than you think!) Be sure to bring an outfit that you absolutely love and feel your best in. What represents your unique style and personality? Don’t forget to match your hair to the trend as well! What was in style the year you graduated from high school? Express yourself!

what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography
what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography
what to wear for senior pictures; Dazzling Diva Photography
senior pictures; Tomball; Spring; The Woodlands; Houston; Conroe
Dazzling Diva Photography
Houston graduation photographer; The Woodlands senior pictures

4. Cap + Gown

Don’t forget to bring along your cap and gown if you have them already. I guarantee these will come out much better than the quick snap of you walking up to the stage. Those hand-shaking diploma photos are a rite of passage, but I have a feeling you may want something a little better for graduation announcements, albums, and other graduation memoirs. 

what to wear for senior portraits
graduation photos

5. Sports, Hobbies, + Interests

Extracurricular-themed portraits are always my favorites because they often elicit the most authentic smiles (or game faces if you’re these handsome guys). I love photographing you while you do what you love best: a guitar if you’re in a band, sports uniforms and equipment, pointe shoes and dance attire, riding boots if you’re an equestrian guy or gal, even fishing gear. I want to capture a bit of what you loved most about your childhood and high school years. Tell your story through your senior portraits.

what to wear for senior pictures; The Woodlands senior portraits; Tomball graduation photos

Have more questions about what to wear for senior pictures?

I’d love to help! I have a full Client Closet available for all full sessions, and I’m happy to recommend local hair and makeup artists, too! Let me know what you have in mind for your senior portraits, and I can help you pull the look together, with location suggestions as well. Connect with me to get started. 

  • Women’s Client Closet (There are several non-maternity gowns in here that work well for teenage girls—be sure to scroll all the way through the gallery.)
  • Girl’s Client Closet (These are mostly for younger girls with a few preteen/petite gowns as well—reach out for sizes and styles.)

*All full sessions and senior portraits fill up quickly in the spring. Book as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!

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