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I know firsthand that owning and running your own business is hard work. Because of that, I enjoy supporting my fellow local business owners however I can. One way to do that is through photography. Let’s partner up! When you have images that make you feel confident, show off your work, and reveal a bit of personality, you’re more equipped to draw in your ideal customers. Personal branding photography and headshot images add a vital piece to your marketing strategy and overall brand image.

Dazzling Diva Photography

What is Personal Branding

If you’re researching a product or service online, especially local, would you rather buy from a generic looking website, or would you feel more comfortable purchasing from a person—someone who looks pleasant to work with—who is offering the service?

Most of us are naturally drawn to the more personal approach. If we can put a face to the brand and get to know that person a bit, we feel more confident to move forward in our purchase. When we see a warm, friendly face and hear someone’s story, it feels like we’re supporting a friend or neighbor through our purchase.

Not only that, a friendly face gives you peace of mind that it’s a legitimate business—not a scam posing as a local business. Ultimately, people still care who they’re doing business with, even in, even in such a digital world. Personal branding is your way to show them who they’re doing business with when they hire you or buy your products.

Overall, personal branding is a way to define who you are in the public’s eye. For those with small businesses, personal branding is important because it give you a platform to position yourself as a professional authority in your industry. You can convey your personal brand through images, branding content, social media, and other marketing materials like business cards.

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Benefits of Personal Branding

Personal branding goes beyond the traditional headshot through images that convey a better sense of you and your unique brand. While headshots are part of personal branding, it’s more than dressing up in your work clothes and taking a couple pictures. The goal is to capture your distinct style in a recognizable way that also connects with your audience on a more personal level. 

Personal branding:

  • Establishes you as an expert
  • Distinguishes you from competitors
  • Shows off your personality
  • Elevates your credibility
  • Helps others connect with you and your brand
  • Gives your brand a cohesive and personalized look
  • Builds your brand as a whole

Best Headshot Styles

What types of photos can you expect during a personal branding or headshot session? I encourage you to browse Pinterest and possibly create a mood board to share some of the styles you like. In addition, we may incorporate images like these into the session:

1. Candid Shot While Working 

Pull out the laptop and open up the planner. Give potential clients a glimpse into your typical work day. What if you don’t work in an office? Even better. Let’s capture in action! If you’re a health or fitness coach, we could photograph you cooking a healthy recipe or doing an exercise move. Do you work in the creative sphere? Let’s take a few photos while working on a project. Seeing you in action makes you more relatable—and credible. 

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2. Headshot in Welcoming Workspace

After showing them what you do, show them where you work. It doesn’t have to be an office. It could be the gym, at your favorite coffee shop, or even at the park. Revealing the workspace provides something a little more interesting than a plain backdrop.

what is personal branding
Dazzling Diva Photography

3. Traditional Headshot—But with Flair

I also know that some industries or companies call for more formal, traditional headshots. Great! We can do that, too. The Oak Atelier photography venue has several studio rooms with built-in backdrops and large walls we can use for those. However, you can elevate our headshots in a sophisticated way by wearing a bit of color or adding in an eye-catching accent or accessory.

And instead of the standard “say cheese” phrase that only elicits forced smiles, I guarantee we’ll have a good time. I’ll promise to capture your best side while we chat, laugh, and get comfortable. I’ll also guide you into some great, flattering poses that work well for traditional headshots. These will be anything by boring! You’re sure to turn heads with personalized Dazzling Diva headshots.

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4. Candid Shots Working with a Client

So, you probably won’t actually have a client sitting in front of you (or maybe you do!), but we can pretend. We may take a few shots as if you’re engaged in conversation, listening intently to a client, involved in a planning session, or about to shake hands. These shots are great if your business is very relational and client-centered with an emphasis on customer service.

Dazzling Diva Photography
what is personal branding

Personal Branding Photos with Dazzling Diva Photography

Ready to take your brand to the next level? I’d love to help by offering personalized headshot photography that authentically represents you and your brand. Summer is the perfect time to update your headshots! Get in touch with me today to book your session or learn more about packages and pricing. 

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