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Our children’s imaginations are just incredible. Oh, how much fun it would be to have the mind of a child again. Through their eyes, the playground instantly transforms into an outfitted pirate ship. A swing set has the power to launch kid-sized astronauts into space on a rocket ship that reaches the stars. And you better believe this precious bedazzled pony is a real-life unicorn! As gorgeous as these unicorn pictures are, they symbolize childhood itself—this is an experience of a lifetime! Give your little one a magical gift they just have to see to believe. Plus, you’ll get some incredible portraits out of the deal, too! If your little one doesn’t do well for pictures, this may be the perfect way to authentically capture their special spark that you adore but can’t seem to photograph. 

unicorn pictures with Dazzling Diva Photography

Document Childhood Milestones with Unicorn Pictures

If only we could freeze these days for just a bit longer. In the blink of an eye, the magic seems to wear off as our kiddos age. And that’s not a bad thing! It’s just a transition from one sweet stage to the next. The later years are filled with bolder adventures and deeper connections. But it’s still fun to reminisce on those early years and see just how far they’ve come. A unicorn session is a magical way to celebrate childhood and document precious milestones as your kiddo grows. I’m honored to create this unforgettable experience for you and your littles.

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The Woodland’s Family Photographer

The beauty of having a family photographer is that you have someone you can trust to document every stage and milestone in the same consistent style. Your photos will beautifully complement each other throughout the years (we all know those school portraits don’t do our kids justice.) In the preschool and early-childhood years, themed sessions and whimsical sets like these unicorn sessions are a great way to bring out their personalities and authentic smiles.

As they get older you can choose locations and sets that fit their age a bit better (pre-teens tend to love the elegant studio backdrops where they can twirl in their choice of couture gown from my ever-growing client closet.) I always love elegant quinceañera portraits and graduation portraits! But it all starts with the younger years—make it a priority to capture every stage while you can!

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Summer 2022 Unicorn Pictures with Dazzling Diva

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you probably saw a few sneak peeks from our recent Dazzling Diva unicorn sessions. They exceeded all of our greatest expectations, and we can’t wait to show them off while giving you a few ideas and inspiration for your upcoming session!

(Be sure to join the Dazzling Diva VIP Group to get first dibs on specialty session dates and times—these sessions often book up in minutes! The VIP Group is a great opportunity to snag a spot before they’re gone. This applies to seasonal sessions like my Santa Experience, too!)

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7 Ideas for Your Unicorn Pictures

Once you have your unicorn pictures in-hand (or in your virtual gallery), what do you do with them? Here are a few ways you can show them off!

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1. Unicorn Birthday Party

Instead of plain birthday pictures, give them a birthday experience by booking a fairytale unicorn pictures. You will knock your kid’s socks off with this surprise of a lifetime (all seven years of it 😜)!

2. Birthday invitations

More than likely, your kiddo will want a unicorn birthday party at some point. Not only can you use the unicorn portrait experience as part of their birthday gift, you can also use the photos for themed birthday invitations and party displays (like a poster, banner, or easel display).

3. Fairytale bedroom wall art

Staring at blank walls in your child’s room? Use your unicorn portrait to create a centerpiece or focal point in the room, and pair it with colors and décor to match. One idea is to hang an enlarged portrait over the headboard and add sheer curtains to the sides of the canvas. Draw back the curtains with ties to make it look like the viewer is stepping inside a fairtytale world.

4. Unicorn gallery wall

A gallery wall is also a great option to utilize all of your curated unicorn portraits. I’d love to help you out with that! Check out the collage wall option in your PicTime gallery. From there, you can choose your gallery wall size, number of photos, and design directly through PicTime. 

When you order, everything comes pre-sized and ready to go with fail-proof instructions to make setting up your gallery wall easier than ever! It’ll look like you hired a professional to design and hang your gallery. No one will ever know it took you less than an hour to achieve perfection! Get in touch with me here for more information.

5. Photobook 

An heirloom photobook is a gift that keeps on going. You child will love turning the pages with you and remembering their magical unicorn experience. One day, the photobook will be a sweet treasure to remind your adult or older children of those wonder years. (Maybe they’ll do the same for their kids too!)

6. Personalized fairytale book

Have you always wanted to write a children’s book? You can—featuring your own kiddo! BookBildr makes it possible to write your own story and design your own illustrations or upload photos to create a children’s book for your child(ren). Upload the portraits from your unicorn session as the photos to pair with your story. If your child is older, you might even keep the unicorn experience going by writing the story together!

7. Gifts for family

You can turn your unicorn portraits into just about anything. I’ve seen clients turn their images into cozy blankets, tumblers, canvas tote bags, and endless styles of frames, prints, and wall art. You name it, and it can probably be done. You can peruse the variety of print products on PicTime directly from your Dazzling Diva online gallery. These make excellent birthday or holiday gifts for grandparents!

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Book Your Child’s Unicorn Pictures with Dazzling Diva 

Unicorn pictures are a magical experience your child will never forget, and you can have all kinds of fun turning them into gorgeous displays to enjoy for years to come. Whether designing a unicorn-themed bedroom or planning the most epic unicorn party, these unicorn pictures are just what you need to bring your vision to life and keep the magic going.

Cherish every moment of the imagination stage with a whimsical unicorn session. Our most recent unicorn pictures were such a hit that I can’t wait to offer more!

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