self-care tips for moms

As mothers, the demands never end. Motherhood is a wonderful, sweet thing. But it’s also incredibly hard at times. No matter what stage you’re in—from the first few newborn weeks to the teenage years—being a mom requires endless sacrifice. We want the best for our kids and families, so we give it our all, often neglecting our own self-care. Now that the school year is up and going, it’s time to show yourself a little love, Mama! I’ve got a few self-care tips for moms to keep you sane and feeling refreshed. Incorporate them into your routine to get better long-term results.

self care tips

8 Self-Care Tips for Moms

Go for a Walk

I know; it sounds a little counterintuitive. If you’re tired, why would you go for a walk? Getting out of the house and away from it all can be a great way to reset. If possible, try taking a sunrise or sunset walk alone. The fresh air and light exercise will help clear your mind. If you struggle with stress, anxiety, or depression, walking can help alleviate the symptoms. It’ll also boost your mood, energy, and creativity. Need a few more reasons to lace up your shoes? Learn more about the benefits of walking on Healthline.

self-care tips for moms

Join a Gym

Feeling like you’ve lost your sense of self or want to take back some “you” time while investing in your health? Try a gym membership—especially one with childcare. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight, or just get moving, exercise that gets your heart rate up will release endorphins to help you feel better, sleep better, and stay energized throughout the day. 

Near The Woodlands, there are several Delta Life Fitness locations that offer efficient and effective 30-minute classes for women. They focus on heart rate training—and they have free childcare! They have studios in Spring, The Woodlands/Magnolia (1488), and Conroe. The YMCA and places like Villa Sport or Fitness Project have great options for moms, too!

self-care tips for moms

Take an Epsom Salt Bath

On the other hand, if you just want to ease sore or tired muscles and clear your mind before bed, pour some Dr. Teal’s Epsom salts or bubble bath into a relaxing tub of warm water. The Epsom salt will reduce aches pains, relax muscles, and exfoliate and soften skin. 

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Give Yourself Some Grace

So, you didn’t complete everything on your to-do list? That’s ok! You didn’t fail, and your kids are clueless about your never-ending list. They just love being with you. You don’t have to try to measure up in their eyes. You’re already their safe place, biggest fan, and all-around coolest person ever (yup, even your teenagers probably think pretty highly of you, even if they’ve given you the hundredth eye roll for the day).

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If it helps, keep a planner on hand, and bump leftover “to-dos” to another day so you don’t forget. And remember, even if it looks like other moms have it more together than you do, I assure you they don’t! We’re all in this crazy fun balancing act of motherhood together. Stay in the moment and enjoy it. The list can wait.

Take a Screen + Social Media Break

Surprisingly, those mindless scrolling breaks may not be as restful as you think. Scrolling through social media or excessive screen time can cause neck, shoulder, and eye strain. It may also increase anxiety. Instead, try an intentional break where you truly do nothing. Lay down for a few minutes, stretch, or grab a cup of coffee and sit on the couch.

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Read a Book

Sometimes, it seems impossible to do nothing. If you struggle with a racing mind, getting lost in a good book might help. It’s relaxing, and it keeps your mind busy so your thoughts don’t stray. It can help tremendously with anxiety, too.

self-care tips for moms

Schedule a Girls’ Night

Lots of laughter and some good wine can help lighten the load. Staying open and honest about how you’re doing will relieve some tension and remind you that you’re not alone—and it may encourage your friends to do the same. Maybe you can troubleshoot how to handle toddler tantrums together, or just sit back and watch a movie. An evening with the girls can do wonders!

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Establish a Skincare Routine

It’s amazing how a fresh face can make you feel like a new woman who’s ready to take on the day! (I guess that’s why there’s a book called Girl, Wash Your Face—which pairs nicely with this list if you haven’t read it.) Establish a simple routine that you can realistically maintain. Then, wash off the day and wake up refreshed. It’s an easy confidence and mood booster that will nourish your skin and diminish the signs of aging, too (Everyday Health)!

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Balance Motherhood with Self-Care Tips for Moms

As mothers, our kids and our families are our worlds. And I genuinely believe we’re making the world a better place by raising the next generation. It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding work. Don’t get stuck in the hard and forget to reward yourself for a job well done, Mama! In order to be your best for them (and for you!), take care of yourself. It’s not selfish. They need you, and the world needs you. You make a difference, and you’re doing a fantastic job! Hope these self-care tips help you feel refreshed.

self-care tips for moms

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self-care tips for moms

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