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Milk bath photos have become quite trendy—and for good reason! Luxurious milk baths lend themselves to stunning photos, and they feel indulgent and relaxing too! Due to the spa-type experience, milk baths are especially popular for maternity sessions. (What better way to celebrate your pregnancy, document the process, and pamper yourself while you’re at it?) But milk baths aren’t just for expecting mamas! There are many versions of milk bath sessions. Check them out below to discover which is your favorite. 

how to do a milk bath

Milk Baths 5 Ways

Milk Bath Maternity Session

Do you struggle with wanting to feel glamorous and beautiful during pregnancy? As a mama myself, I know that no two pregnancies are alike—even for the same woman! You go through ups and downs. Sometimes you feel powerful, strong, and capable as you grow a human being. Other days you feel quite the opposite. Going through such drastic changes in less than a year is no easy feat. No matter how you’re feeling, a milk bath is a great way to relax your tired body and celebrate the beauty of it all while rewarding yourself for the journey you’ve been on to get here.

milk bath photographer
milk bath photos
Dazzling Diva Photography

As you get ready to welcome your new bundle of joy, don’t forget to take some time to not only document this sweet and fleeting time but to take care of yourself too. For some expecting mothers, a milk bath offers a more comfortable and soothing way to get stunning maternity portraits with less time posing on your feet. I have a concentrated milk bath base we can use, or feel free to bring your own pregnancy-safe milk bath products (I do recommend consulting your doctor first.) 

milk bath maternity photography
maternity milk bath

Mother + Baby Milk Bath Photos

love maternity milk bath sessions, but I might love mother/baby milk bath sessions even more. (This concept is even sweeter if you do both maternity milk bath photos and mother/baby milk bath photos once your baby arrives. You can display them side-by-side as a beautiful “before and after.”)

Dazzling Diva Photography
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I enjoy photographing mother/baby milk baths because it’s such an intimate experience. The warm bath allows both mother and baby to relax and deepen their bond even more. It offers lots of healthy skin-to-skin contact and sets the stage for the most beautiful photos. It’s hard not to get a bit teary eyed during these sessions as mamas and their precious babies enjoy a soothing bath. This isn’t just a portrait session—it’s a bonding experience you’ll never forget.

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Milestone Milk Bath Portraits

Are milk baths the new cake smashes? Maybe, if your little one isn’t a fan of cake (and surprisingly, some are not!) If your little one doesn’t seem to enjoy icing, swap it out for cereal and milk! Two things almost every baby enjoys. Cheerios or Apple Jacks may feel a bit more familiar to your child than cake. Plus, it’s equally as cute to watch them look in awe at what seems to them like a giant cereal bowl! Every kid’s dream.

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milk bath portraits
children's milk bath

Bath Time in the Forest

Oh, to be a kid again! When you’re young, anything is possible, including bath time in the forest. Toddlers love this idea so much that I bought a miniature vintage bathtub just for this. These pictures are absolutely adorable every time. I always get so many smiles from little ones because taking a milk bath beneath the trees is just too much fun! The lighting is incredible, and the babies I photograph even more so. It’s a blast for all of us!

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Dazzling Diva Photography

Boudoir Milk Bath

Is your wedding or a big anniversary coming up? Or maybe you just want to do something for yourself post-pregnancy or celebrate a significant milestone in your life. Boudoir sessions are so much fun, and the Oak Atelier has a gorgeous bathroom suite (The Elm) with a large clawfoot tub, vanity, and full-length mirror we can utilize. A milk bath will feel luxurious for you and help you relax and add variety to your boudoir session. Don’t be afraid to spice things up a little! I promise to help you feel comfortable and embrace that beautiful skin you’re in.

Milk Bath Photography by Dazzling Diva Photography

Trust me when I say that milk bath portrait sessions are amazing. They’re different from traditional photoshoots, and as a luxury photographer, milk baths offer an elegant and unique aesthetic. They provide a more private setting, which helps enhance the subject’s features (like a precious baby bump) or an intimate picture of a mother/baby bond. Whether you want to create a fun cereal milk bath for your toddler or enjoy your portrait experience by relaxing in the tub, you’re sure to get incredible photos from your milk bath session.

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