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What a joy it is to serve so many wonderful families in the Greater Houston Area through photography. It’s truly a privilege to be chosen to capture all of life’s milestones–you can get in touch here to schedule a session. However, I also know that with your kiddo growing like a weed, you don’t want to miss a moment! So, whether you’re wanting those sweet first-year progression pictures or just want to get better at taking photos with your iPhone camera while you’re living life, I’ve got a few handy tips for you. But first, don’t forget to clean your lens! 😉

6 Hacks for Taking Great Photos on Your Phone

1. Utilize natural light.

Keep in mind, natural light does not mean bright sunlight. In fact, avoid taking photos in direct light as it is usually too harsh. It will wash out your subject, cast shadows, and probably make your little ones squint. Instead, try to take pictures early to mid-morning or at the lighter part of sunset. The sun will not be directly overhead, and you should be able to achieve that soft glow without shadows from buildings or trees. Shade and partly sunny skies work well, too, as long as you aren’t getting dappling from trees.

If you’re taking photos inside, try to get soft natural light from windows. Adjust the blinds or drapes as needed. Sheer drapes are amazing for perfectly filtering natural light. Avoid using standard overhead lights because they often give off unnatural hues.

how to take photos on iPhone camera
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2. Tap to adjust exposure.

If the lighting is less than ideal, you can tap your screen to tell your phone where to meter light from. It doesn’t work every time, but it can really help if the exposure is just a little off.

For images that are too dark (like at dusk), touch the darkest part so it automatically brightens.

For images that are too bright, touch the brightest part of the image/screen to lessen overexposure.

I recommend shooting raw images and editing later if needed. If you apply a filter upfront, you won’t have as much flexibily later on. You’re stuck with that filter. Any changes you make later on top of the filter will look wonky.

Looking for the best iPhone photo editing apps? Here are a few that will do the trick for every day photos without costing you a bundle:

how to take photos on iPhone camera
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3. Zoom is NOT your friend!

On that note, if you’re far away, don’t try to zoom in. It will negatively impact the quality of the photo. Instead, take a normal photo (even if you can’t see your subject very well). Then, crop the photo down after. Cropping instead of zooming will help prevent pixilation.

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4. Use portrait mode. 

Portrait mode on your iPhone camera was designed for, well, portraits. In most cases (unless you’re shooting far away or live action shots), portrait mode truly looks better.

photos on your phone
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5. Stay in the moment.

The best photos are when you’re actually having fun and living life in the moment. Instead of trying to set up a photoshoot (that’s what I’m for), get those great candids of your kiddo embracing life. Capture the essence of childhood. It’s ok if there’s a smudge of chocolate, a bit of dirt, or unkempt hair. Those are the things you’ll want to remember forever. Those little details and quirks are beautiful! Capture them while you can.

how to take photos on iPhone camera
how to take photos on iPhone camera
how to take photos on iPhone camera

6. Try the TikTok ‘Sunkissed Hack’ to recreate the ‘Golden Hour’ look.

According to Creative Bloq Art & Design Inspiration, you can take great photos with your iPhone camera by adjusting your phone’s picture editing settings. These magical numbers may create the perfect golden hour filter you’re looking for. Don’t forget to save a copy of the original before applying edits!

  • Exposure: +100
  • Brilliance: +100
  • Highlights: -32
  • Shadows: -26
  • Contrast: -30
  • Brightness: -15
  • Black point: +10
  • Saturation: +10
  • Vibrance: +8
  • Warmth: +10
  • Tint: +29
  • Sharpness: +14
  • Definition: +23
  • Exposure: pushed all the way to zero
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how to take photos on iPhone camera

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