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As much as we wish our kids were “photoshoot ready” all the time, they can be unpredictable at times (let’s be real — most of the time). Making time for professional family photos ensures you get gorgeous, updated portraits during this sweet but fleeting childhood stage.

I’ve been photographing families across the Greater Houston Area — The Woodlands, Houston, Spring, Magnolia, and Conroe — for a while now. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to getting great shots of your kiddos. I enjoy chatting and playing with your littles to make them laugh, but there are few things you can do as well to prepare them for your upcoming family photos.

Family Photos in Houston | 5 Ways to Prepare Your Kiddos

Here are five ways to prep for your upcoming family photoshoot. No matter what, we’re going to have fun!

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1. Work with Their Normal Routine.

The key is to have happy kiddos and great lighting. Late-afternoon or early-evening sessions are great because they’ve had time to nap, and you can sneak in a quick meal or snack beforehand. If you have early risers, morning sessions work well, too. Plus, they’re usually ready to play after breakfast (perfect for getting candid shots of those big toothy grins!). Let me know what works best for your family, and we’ll get you scheduled!

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2. Hype it Up!

Kids feed on our energy. If they see that Mom and Dad are excited about the photoshoot, most likely, they will be, too! Prepare them by explaining what you’re going to do (or for very little ones, tell them what they’ll get to do: play outside, take pictures with Mommy and Daddy, dress up like a princess, play with big brother or sister, bring cool trucks to the park, etc.)

If your kiddo loves the spotlight, tell them that they’ll get their very own photoshoot! Not really into photos? Maybe the idea of exploration and seeing a new spot will excite them. All in all, if you’re looking forward to the session, your little one will probably follow suit.

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3. Potty Break!

For older kids, to prevent the “potty wiggles,” don’t forget to try before you come. For babies and toddlers, changing into a fresh, dry diaper right before the session may help keep your little one comfortable. Inevitably, they often have to go anyway despite your efforts to go ahead of time. No worries! I scope out ideal locations for families so you aren’t in a bind.

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first year portraits in Houston, Texas

4. Do a Practice Run. 

If your kids have never taken family photos before, they don’t know what to expect! In the weeks leading up to your session, do a mini practice shoot for fun. Get your littles involved in the process by letting them try out different poses that they’re excited to show off — strong muscles, diva poses, twirls — whatever makes them happy! I love capturing kids in their truest, giggliest form. While we may take a few seated still shots, we will also have many opportunities for candid photos as they run around, dance, and cover you in hugs and kisses. I’ve learned that giving them some freedom goes such a long way in getting great photos like these.

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family in Texas taking photos in Houston

5. Reward Them for a Job Well Done!

A little bribery now and then never hurts. 😉 Provide some extra motivation by tempting them with a special prize — like ice cream or going out to your favorite restaurant together. You could also bring a small toy to keep in the car, and let them know they’ll get if they’re on their best behavior.

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formal family photos in Houston, Texas

While these tips are helpful, the biggest advice I have to be flexible, have fun, and laugh at the bloopers — because we’ll get some good ones. I’ve watched toddlers go from full meltdown mode to hysterical laughter in a matter of minutes. That’s what’s so great about this time. It’s real, it’s wild, and it’s oh, so sweet! Enjoy every minute of it. And I promise you, we’ll get some great shots you will cherish forever.

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