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While chatting with our pediatrician last week during my kiddo’s checkup, he suddenly looked at my child with a big smile and reminiscent eyes. Then, he turned to me and said, “You know, it seems like my daughter was bouncing around the office like this just yesterday. Now she’s 18! How does that happen?”

As parents, I think we all have moments like that. Moments where we pause in our day-to-day busyness and take time to appreciate the joys being a parent. Those moments sneak up on us as we watch them wrestle with a sibling, race across the soccer field, or simply sit across the table doing homework.

Isn’t it crazy how childhood seems to last forever when you’re in the middle of it, but then somehow you blink and your “baby” is ready to walk across the stage and leave the nest?

As you cherish this last year together, don’t forget to preserve the memories by taking senior portraits. I strive to give you authentic portraits that truly reflect your senior’s style, personality, and interests.

Here are a few tips for taking senior portraits you’ll treasure forever:

1. Schedule around deadlines.

If you want photos with your cap and gown (as most seniors do), schedule your session at least a week or two after you’re supposed to receive them. On the other hand, check with the school about yearbook photos and when photos need to be turned in if you plan on using your senior portraits.

Additionally, if your senior is an athlete or involved in extracurricular activities, don’t forget to schedule your session in time to have your photos ready for programs. The typical turnaround time to receive your photos is about two weeks. So, if possible, try to allow about two months for booking plus two weeks to receive your digital images. More time, if you would like prints.

downtown senior portraits
Houston senior portraits

2. Plan your outfits, props, and accessories.

This is the fun part! What do you want to showcase in your portraits? We can do 2-3 outfit changes during the session, so some options might be:

  • A dressy outfit
  • A casual outfit
  • Extracurricular uniform (sports, band, gymnastics, dance, etc.)
  • Props (musical instrument, sports equipment/ball, and/or a fun hat, jacket or jewelry)

While planning, let me know what styles and props you’d like to incorporate so I can prepare and offer location suggestions based on your senior’s personality. Instead of stuffy portraits, I want them to have fun and enjoy the session while they proudly show off their passions and interests.

baseball senior portraits

3. Select locations for your senior portraits in Houston

I offer a few different location options depending on your style. Outdoor locations include: 

  • Forest
  • Field
  • Waterway
  • Market Street area
  • Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, or Conroe location
  • Outdoor studio location with greenhouse/glasshouse
  • High school campus

If you’re looking for indoor Houston portrait photography, I have access to the Oak Atelier in Conroe, which has three distinct studio rooms and a gorgeous glasshouse, plus shaded outdoor areas, for a variety of photos. Let me know if you’re interested in booking the studio.

Have another location in mind? Let me know!

Houston portrait locations
senior portraits

4. Pick a style for your session.

What vibe are you going for? The goal here is authenticity. Senior portraits should be full of personality, flair, and expression. Each senior session I shoot is as different as the next because there’s no one quite like your kiddo. This milestone is such a fun one to capture because these young adults are coming into themselves and figuring out who they want to be. They’re full of passion, energy, and budding potential.

Maybe your young adult wants to try a more fashion-forward urban style, or maybe a simple clean and classic look. Does your high-spirited graduate prefer lots of energy and movement? An urban scene might be right for you. From whimsical to traditional, ask your teenager which style best reflects them — what kind of images would make them feel confident and proud?

senior portrait ideas
Dazzling Diva Photography
urban senior portraits

5. Decide if you want friends or family to join you.

Don’t want to take your senior portraits alone? No problem at all. Take a few photos with a bestie, sibling, or or parent. Or, take formal prom-inspired portraits like these. Some families schedule their yearly family portraits and a few senior portraits at the same time! (Additional fee will apply.) Senior year is not just a milestone for the soon-to-be graduate but for those involved in the journey as well.

prom photos
senior portraits

6. Make a day of it.

Since you’re all dressed up, go ahead and take the whole day to celebrate and spend quality time together. Moms and daughters can get their hair and makeup done (I have two hair and makeup artists I highly recommend), and then plan a dinner date after the session. Or, go out as a family. With all the practices, appointments, and events, it can be tricky to block out time together. Use this session as a fun occasion to make memories and enjoy each other’s company.

Dazzling Diva Photography
Dazzling Diva Photography

Ready to book your senior portraits?

I’d love to hear what you have in mind. Connect with me here to start planning your session.

Be sure to visit my senior portfolio page for inspiration, and check Facebook for updates, tips, and recent sessions.

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