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Few photographers specialize in maternity milk bath photography. First, it can be tricky to find a photogenic location with a beautiful clawfoot tub. Second, it takes photographic expertise to capture these photos at just the right angle and with the right lighting for gorgeous images. Most expecting mothers prefer glamorous portraits—not just photos of them taking a bath. Milk bath maternity photos done right are magazine-worthy displays of motherhood. In addition, they can offer a more intimate and luxurious take on maternity portraits. Plus, the milk bath experience is a special treat for these warrior women who are in the final stretch of the pregnancy journey. As a Houston maternity photographer, I’m proud to be able to offer this unique service. To find the photography style that best fits you, check out the examples below.

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Enjoy A Personalized Experience with Houston Maternity Photographer, Kelley Harris of Dazzling Diva Photography

Each time an expecting mother books a maternity milk bath with me, I enjoy designing a personalized photo experience and set designed just for her. I take into consideration each woman’s personality, pregnancy story, comfort level, and vision in order to craft a completely customized maternity milk bath shoot.

Since milk bath photography is such a personalized experience, I want to share a few milk bath examples and photography styles with those considering milk bath photos. These can provide a bit of inspiration so you have a starting point when sharing your vision with me. By getting your thoughts on previous sessions, I can better design a perfectly personalized session just for you!

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6 Styles for Maternity Photos | Ideas & Inspiration for Your Maternity Photoshoot

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1. Seasonal

Use florals, colors, props, and sentimental items to tell your pregnancy story.

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I love this subtle nod to the holiday season. The rich red and deep evergreen hues say Christmas without going overboard. These photos beautifully symbolize the season of her pregnancy while maintaining a timeless, glamorous look. Infusing a bit of seasonal color is a great way to visually tell your pregnancy story. For instance, you might do red, white, or pink roses for a Valentine baby. Or your favorite pastel florals for a springtime due date. Meanwhile, sunflowers and citrusy colors are beautiful for summer.

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2. Classic

Or, maybe you’re in love with a more classic look. Neutrals paired with a bit of greenery will make you and your beautiful bump the stars of the show. Elevate classic portraits with elegant fabrics like lace or satin. Let me know if you’d like to check out my women’s client closet—I have a lace wrap and a few other gowns that work well for this style.

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3. Dark & Moody

Dark and moody photography has grown in popularity. It really emphasizes lines and silhouettes—perfect for maternity photos. Plus, the enhanced shadows and contrast create a bit of mystique and allure. For a more dramatic take on maternity photos, try a dark and moody style. Dark and moody images can be more artistic and boast a very editorial feel.

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4. Light & Airy 

On the other hand, maybe you prefer to express the joy and happiness of pregnancy through your photos. Light and airy photos increase the exposure to flood your image with lots of natural light. Light and airy is the opposite of dark and moody and showcases a softer, brighter look. However, staying true to my personal photography style, I will not overexpose your images so much that they lose their richness and detail (as some light and airy photographers tend to do). We’ll get the light while still emphasizing the beautiful details of pregnancy.

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5. Boudoir

Is this session a gift to yourself and your partner? Consider a few boudoir maternity portraits. Not only will you look stunning, it’s a joy of mine to help you feel empowered and confident at the end of your pregnancy. I want you to see yourself as the radiant woman I see from my side of the lens. My hope is that when you look back on these photos, you remember your strength and beauty as you ushered your child into the world! (And I bet these breathtaking photos will make your partners eyes glisten.😉)

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6. Before & After

Some of my expecting mothers end up loving their maternity milk bath experience so much that they book another after their bundle of joy arrives. I tear up every time I take these precious mother/baby milk bath photos. They’re just so sweet and special—it provides an intimate, warm, and inviting place for mom and baby to bond while I capture those priceless moments together. A mother/baby milk bath session is as much an unforgettable experience as it is a photoshoot.

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Book Your Milk Bath Session with Houston Maternity Photographer, Dazzling Diva Photography

Need a bit more help deciding which milk bath maternity photo style is best for you? I’m here to help! Get in touch with me here to start planning your maternity photo session with Dazzling Diva Photography.

*Note: All milk bath maternity sessions take place The Oak Atelier photo venue in Conroe/The Woodlands. They have a full, private suite available for rent. View photos of the entire suite here

PS—Dazzling Diva does toddler milk bath sessions too! View more milk bath ideas here.

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