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Doulas can be the difference between a challenging birth and one full of support, encouragement, and empowerment! Not only that, but a doula can also teach you how to navigate the first few weeks of motherhood, care for your newborn, and help you establish a routine after one of life’s greatest upheavals. Here in Houston, we are blessed to have various services dedicated to caring for new parents in our community. Read up on some of the fantastic Houston doulas below!

4 Houston Doulas Offering Hands-On, Empowering Pregnancy Services

Houston Womb Service

Houston Womb Service is owned by Doula Alexandra Tran, who has passionately practiced since 2008. She believes in answering questions with clear and concise answers backed up with evidence-based information. Hence, you can make an informed decision as an expecting (or postpartum) mama.

Her style during labor and delivery is hands-on and nurturing, aiding in maximum pain management, counterpressure, and birth positions. In addition to childbirth doula services, Alexandra also offers fertility support for couples trying to conceive or beginning IVF, private newborn classes that teach newborn care, postpartum support, and more.

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Marley & Moo Maternity

Marley & Moo Maternity brings non-judgmental, professional, and reliable support to your motherhood journey. They support all families (single, first-time, seasoned, LGBTQ+) in creating a customized birth plan specific to your goals and needs.

Having a Marley & Moo doula by your side throughout your pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum transition is like having a personal cheerleader who can coach you through your questions and concerns. They get to know each family personally to help you feel ready to rock your birth “like a boss!” 

They also offer sibling doula services to care for your older children while you are in labor. The team answers their questions in an age-appropriate way and ensures they are eased into life with a new baby brother, or sister. 

Brave Beautiful Beginnings

Brave Beautiful Beginnings aims to give every new parent a sense of strength and empowerment as they welcome their new children into the world. They understand that a life-changing event like having a baby can be truly scary. As such, they encourage every couple to embrace the bravery they need to embrace the beauty of their new family.

While there is fear in the unknown, and there is plenty of unknown when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and delivery, Brave Beautiful Beginnings doulas want you to be able to live in the present moment. They want you to embrace the bond between you and your baby as your journey into parenthood begins. They specialize in turning fear into power, belief into strength, and knowledge into confidence! 

pregnant woman in pink maternity gown with silver belt in a golden forest

Pacifiers + Peaches Doula Co.

Pacifiers + Peaches doulas offer not only physical postpartum support but also emotional support for families with brand-new babies. They understand that new moms need help not only with the transition of bringing a baby home but also grappling with self-image, creating a new lifestyle and routine, and creating a sacred and safe space where you can marvel at the incredible journey your body has just endured.

They offer holistic doula services like belly binding, herbal and milk baths, talk therapy, massages, and providing warming and healing foods. In addition to postnatal care, they also offer nutritional coaching and meal prep assistance. This way, families can stay nourished and able to care for their new addition!

Houston Doulas

Your relationship with a doula can be one of the most beneficial, especially in a time that can often be wrought with fear of the unknown. Spend some time getting to know the teams with these Houston doulas to see if one of them may be the right fit for you and your family. 

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