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You booked the session, enjoyed the experience, and love the images. But now what? When I say we’re here for you from start to finish, we mean it. That includes helping you find the best display options for your images once you have them. Your professional family photos deserve to be enjoyed and shared—not stuck inside a digital gallery forever. So, after your session and images are finalized, we’ll walk you through the process of getting them out of digital format and into your hands or on your walls for you to enjoy every day! Dazzling Diva Photography has a wide selection of photography products for you to choose from.

If you need guidance on print sizing or materials, I’m happy to offer suggestions. Or maybe you already know exactly what you want. Dazzling Diva Photography offers the highest quality photography products so that you can beautifully display, share, and preserve your professional photos. Professional photography products help you make the most of your photos while protecting your portraits for years to come.

Best Photography Products for Your Professional Portraits 

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are gorgeous—they’re the perfect way to show off your full collection of professional portraits. A gallery wall can bring a large wall space to life. You can decorate the staircase wall, dining room area, entryway, and more. 

However, it’s no secret that they’re a doozy to put together. All of the designing, measuring, aligning, and taping—and then trying to nail it all into place—can make your head spin. 

So, we’re eliminating the guesswork (and wall marks) for you. Our ‘DIY’ gallery walls come in the mail with everything you need for a beautiful professional gallery. These “do it yourself” galleries hardly feel like a DIY project. You can plan and order your completely customizable design with me after you receive your photos. Then, your beautiful frameless portraits will arrive with everything you need to hang your professional gallery wall—no measuring needed. They’re completely intuitive, user friendly, and flawless. No one will believe you did it yourself—including you!

Dazzling Diva Gallery Wall


Professional portraits deserve much more than drugstore quality (or lack thereof). Instead of heading to your local grocery store, order professional prints through Dazzling Diva Photography’s professional lab to ensure the color, size, and print quality remains the same.

If you go through an online print ordering service, your photos may look distorted or out of proportion—please don’t cut off any heads! In addition, some printing services or do-it-yourself kiosks come out looking dark, blurred, or less vibrant. I don’t want that to happen to you! When you order prints through Dazzling Diva Photography, I can offer tips and help you select the best sizes for your images so they retain the professional quality and accurate proportions.

Professional prints come in various sizes and options, and I’m happy to help you choose the best size and material for your photos. Just let me know what you have in mind. Do you still have images from years ago that you never had printed? You can order those through Dazzling Diva Photography, too. (So long as you have printing rights, which most photographers provide)

Deckled prints work beautifully as gifts or displays. The thick, hand-torn paper lends itself to an heirloom, vintage feel. You can also display them in frames against a dark mat to protect the photo and show off the deckled edges–these look amazing as float mounts in frames. The feathered edges are a gorgeous take on traditional prints, and the fine-art photo material will elevate your portraits even more.

Dazzling Diva Photography Products

Acrylic prints are unique because they offer UV and moisture protection to increase the longevity and maintain the integrity of the print even more. Acrylics prints have a bit of a shine to them, making the colors look extra vivid for a more lifelike display. Acrylic prints can be displayed both framed or frameless, for a more modern look.

Dazzling Diva Photography Products

Metal prints offer a modern twist on acrylics for an extra sleek style. They’re scratch resistant and can withstand many years of sunlight exposure without fading. They’re very light for easy display, and you can gently clean away debris, smudges, or fingerprints without wiping away the ink! Metal prints are ideal for high-traffic areas or spaces where little fingers can reach.

Dazzling Diva Photography Products


Did you know Dazzling Diva Photography offers custom frames, too? Maybe you have a family heirloom portrait that’s been passed down over the years. I’d love to help you select a gorgeous custom frame to not only show it off but to protect it from damage and deterioration. I can also help you select the best frames for your Dazzling Diva photos based on your color scheme, room decor, and display location. We have both matted and non-matted box-style frames available.

Dazzling Diva Photography Products
Dazzling Diva Photography Products

Framed prints

We have frames; we have prints; so, of course, we also offer framed prints! Get those photos off of your computer and onto your walls by ordering framed prints from Dazzling Diva Photography. The longer you wait to print your photos, the more likely they are to get stuck on your phone or computer in digital format forever. 

You know how it goes: you keep meaning to print them, but life gets busy. Then, a Facebook Memory pops up with that sweet image you meant to print last year, and now you have no idea where you saved it (remember, printing a Facebook image will not work–it needs to be a high-resolution file so it is not distorted or pixilated). Go ahead and do it now so you have one less thing on your plate—and one more beautiful piece of art on your wall!

Hardcover Heirloom Books & Albums

Maybe you’re out of wall space for now, but you’d love to have something special to pass down to your kids one day. Dazzling Diva’s customized hardcover heirloom books and lay-flat albums are the perfect way to preserve your pictures and show them off. They serve as great coffee table centerpieces or bookshelf displays. 

Sometimes, you just want to hold the pictures in your hands to study them and reminisce over all the sweet details of childhood. Scrolling through your camera roll isn’t the same—and you may not be able to pass those down ten or twenty years from now. An album will guarantee you can.

Pick your colors and materials. The choices are up to you! All heirloom photo books are made of the highest quality binding, sturdy pages, and fade-proof ink to last you a lifetime—and more. The lay-flat design and thick pages prevent bends or curves so you can see each image in its entirety without having to press the pages or binding down (which means fewer fingerprints, too).

Dazzling Diva Photography Products


A custom folio is a gorgeous way to display your favorite portraits. The hard sides allow the folio to stand alone for easy display on a side table, console, or shelf, and the slim, discreet profile allows you to fold it up for easy storage while protecting your photos.

Folios are great for growing photo collections. Many of my families who book with me regularly love purchasing these classic folios after because they can build upon their collection after each session. They’re ideal for documenting your family’s story or showcasing milestones and growth year after year. Plus, the durable cover and acid-free mats turn your portraits into well-preserved heirlooms.

Dazzling Diva Photography Products


In addition, Dazzling Diva Photography also offers printed canvases. When it comes to photography products, canvas prints provide an equally modern and classic look. They’re simple yet elegant; durable and versatile. They look great in any space with any décor, and you can order canvases in just about any size. Canvases are lightweight and ideal for large spaces. Plus, they provide a clean look if you want to avoid the frame. 

Have a bright room with lots of natural light? A canvas will prevent any glare or shine that you might get from a reflective glass frame. Additionally, you can move it at any point without worrying if it will match or coordinate with other frames and home décor. Get your photos printed on a canvas for yourself, or, order them as gifts for family members, too!

Dazzling Diva Photography Products

Custom Boxes

Vintage-style glass boxes allow you to display your precious memories and protect your photos. They serve as a display case and storage option for your professional prints. As your collection grows, you can swap out which photo you want to display on top.

Wood boxes provide kid-friendly protection for your prints. The handcrafted wood looks beautiful with any decor, and the engraving is completely customizable. Over time, the wood box will only develop more character–it’s timeless and durable for a lifetime.

Dazzling Diva Photography Product Guide

Linen boxes are also a durable alternative to the wood box. These beautiful print boxes help protect and preserve your prints. We offer personalized engraving on these as well, and they look beautiful displayed on a table or shelf, always ready for when you want to reminisce over your photos or share with guests.

Select Professional Photography Products that Make Your Portraits Shine

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