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When kids are little, it’s not hard to keep all of their artwork in a neat little file. But as they get older, their creations increase exponentially. Suddenly, your fridge looks like Picasso’s canvas, and their artwork file is overflowing. Yet we want to keep it all! Every time I try to organize and downsize, I just can’t bring myself to throw those first tiny scribbles away. Or their first written sentence. Or all of the finger-paint handprints. As a children’s photographer, I’m passionate about preserving the beauty of childhood, and that includes their artwork! Thankfully, there are many options to help you preserve and display those precious pieces of artwork for years to come—without taking over your closet or office space. (And, these artwork displays would look great next to an enlarged portrait of your child! Connect with me here to book your child’s portrait session.)

Dazzling Diva Photography, The Woodlands children's photographer, ideas for displaying and saving kids' artwork

6 Ways to Preserve, Organize, + Display Your Child’s Artwork

ARTKIVE Mosaics + Keepsakes

Artkive has been featured in Parents, USA Today, REALsimple, Good Housekeeping, and more for their brilliant art books and framed mosaics that perfectly preserve your kiddo’s work. All you do is order a crush-proof and insured Artkive box, drop in your child’s artwork, and send it in when you’re ready (art protection bag included). They’re large enough to collect about 300-400 pieces of artwork! You can also send in work by multiple kids within the same box. Then, the creative team professionally photographs the artwork with studio lighting and light edits to turn your child’s artwork into beautiful art books or wall art. Even better—there’s free shipping!

Dazzling Diva Photography, The Woodlands children's photographer, ideas for displaying and saving kids' artwork

Artkive products and gift cards make fantastic gifts! You don’t have to part with your child’s artwork and can give it to all the grandparents! As a children’s photographer, I think this concept is amazing, and the gift pairs perfectly with a framed print of your little one!

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Other similar artwork keepsake companies include:

Keepy – Digital storage and printing services for both artwork and photos. 

Art To Remember – Keepsake products featuring photos, artwork, writing samples, awards, medals, and trophies. Art to Remember is an excellent way for your little artist to save their artwork!

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Plum Print – Like the others, fill a box with artwork and other memorabilia to turn it into custom prints or art books. Their website offers a few creative ideas, such as turning your collection of Christmas cards into a memory book or making a recipe book from your family’s written recipe cards.

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Frame Your Favorites

As parents, we’re proud of every piece of artwork. But we can probably all agree some creations are better than others (yep, I said it 😬). So, set aside some of their better pieces, attach them to a frame mat, and display them as eye-catching wall art or standing frames. I like to save some seasonal and holiday artwork and display my favorites during that time of year. It’s always special to unbox those little treasures each year when I pull out the Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day décor.

children's photographer,Dazzling Diva Photography, ideas for kids' artwork

Playroom Décor

Another mom came up with the creative idea to spray paint round, square, and rectangle cookie sheets and pizza pans and hang them in the playroom, calling it “Freshly Baked Art.” Each baking sheet had magnets for displaying kids’ artwork.

Alternatively, if you’re artistic, you could paint frames directly onto the wall or hang empty frames with clips inside to display and change out artwork.

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Another idea is to stain a large wooden board with “Look what I made!” in vinyl letters. Glue 5-7 clothespins to the board, clip up weekly artwork and swap it out whenever you want.

These display ideas are great for artwork you want to enjoy for a while but maybe not save forever. Plus, your kids will feel so proud that you’re displaying their work (which might work as motivation for early elementary-aged kiddos). 

Here are “6 Design-Friendly Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork” by HGTV.

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Kids Kreations Keepsakes & Fundraisers

Founded in 2000, this mom-and-pop company is a bit older but absolutely amazing! Whether partnering with them for a school, church, or organization fundraiser or simply turning your child’s artwork into gifts, Kids Kreations has every product you can imagine! Have your child’s artwork printed on aprons, beach towels, key chains, face masks, and even car shades—they have hundreds of affordable products!

Dazzling Diva Photography, The Woodlands children's photographer, ideas for displaying and saving kids' artwork


Have a little artist on your hands? Share their masterpieces with the world. Upload artwork or participate in their “Art Project of the Week.” Friends and family can search for and view your child’s artwork in the Artsonia database. (This is also a great way for teachers to share artwork with parents.) You can also order products featuring their fabulous creations.

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Organize & File It

Lakeshore Learning’s personalized keepsake portfolio is LARGE—15” X 19”—yet slim and sleek enough to easily store in a closet, craft room, or under the bed. If you just can’t part with the original pieces and want to keep them from getting tattered and torn over the years, this artwork portfolio is what you need!

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Book a Portrait Session with Houston Children’s Photographer, Dazzling Diva Photography

If your little one is a passionate artist, I’d love to help you capture their personality through an art-themed birthday or portrait session! Get in touch here to start planning your child’s photo session with Houston children’s photographer, Dazzling Diva Photography.

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