at-home family activities

It’s time to make the most of these last few weeks of summer before school starts! With all your big family trips and vacations coming to an end, I thought I’d share a few fun at-home activities to do with your kids. They’re perfect for fighting boredom and encouraging quality time. From the kitchen to the backyard, these are activities everyone will enjoy.

at-home family activities Dazzling Diva Photography
at-home family activities Dazzling Diva Photography

7 At-Home Family Activities for All Ages

1. Backyard Obstacle Course

Design (or let your older kiddo(s) design) an obstacle course in the backyard. Use whatever you have on hand to create an epic (and age-appropriate) course. Let your creativity run wild here.

For instance, you might design arches with pool noodles for your little ones to crawl under. Or, lay them across kid’s chairs for them to step over. Use a plastic pool to make a water obstacle, or use stepping stones to create a hopping path. You can make it as involved (or not!) as you like. Pinterest has lots of incredible obstacle course ideas by age.

Here are some common items that make great obstacles:

  • pool noodles
  • hula hoops
  • cardboard boxes
  • play tunnels
  • play equipment
  • athletic cones
  • streamers
  • balls
  • upside-down sand pails
  • balloons

2. Little Chef

Host your own cooking show by trying out different recipes together. Let your little one select and pour ingredients to make a super tasty trail mix. Add a little food coloring to small bowls of sweetened yogurt, and layer into Dixie Cups with a popsicle stick to make rainbow popsicles.

In addition, peanut butter & banana quesadillas, English muffin pizzas, and turkey and cheese rollups are easy for little hands to put together. And, if you have a picky eater, I’ve found that kids especially like to eat creations they’ve put together themselves. How cute are these corn dog muffins?! Or, for a sweet no-bake treat, let your kiddo roll, dip, and sprinkle these heavenly Oreo cookie balls.

3. Movie Night

At-home family activities don’t have to be complicated to be fun! Pick out a classic movie that your kids will like. Then, bring out the candy, pop the corn, spread out allll the blankets and pillows, and have an at-home movie night! You could even take this under the stars with an outdoor screen and movie projector. It really is more fun when you go all out with it. Jammies are a must!

4. Backyard (or Living Room) Camping

Maybe you’ve put camping on hold due to the crazy Texas weather. If you have younger kiddos, camping at home can be a great test run (you can always go back to your beds if it doesn’t work out). Set the tent up outdoors or inside, and make it extra fun by roasting smores, telling stories, stargazing, and snuggling in close.

5. Family Scavenger Hunt

I love scavenger hunts because they’re super versatile. You can keep it super simple and short for young toddlers; or, you can make it as challenging as you want for older kids. If you have a large family, you could even create teams and do a neighborhood scavenger hunt. This backyard scavenger hunt printable is cute and suitable for 2-5-year-olds.

6. Plant a Garden

Don’t have a green thumb? Me neither. But stick with me for a sec. If you want to create an entire outdoor garden, by all means, go for it! It’s a fun and rewarding project that most kids seem to love. Or, you can also keep it fun and easy, especially if you have toddlers. Purchase a few herb seedlings and put together a small setup on a sunny window sill. Or, let your kiddo try their hand at gardening by planting a few seeds in cups and seeing which ones sprout first. They’ll love watching the sprouts grow over the next couple of weeks. And if nothing comes of it, no worries! It’s still a great educational activity. 

Most herbs, sweet peas, lettuces, and beans of all varieties are relatively easy to start and grow quickly. You could also try flowers like sunflowers, daffodils, and zinnias. Milkweed is a great hardy plant that attracts monarchs, so you can experience watching the caterpillars turn into butterflies!

7. Cardboard Box Creations

Depending on your child’s age, cardboard box creations can take on many forms. For your toddler (or even a crawler!), design a tunnel maze for them to explore. Cut windows or holes in the side if they’re scared of the dark. Older kids can get creative by designing tunnels, boats, cars, houses, a car wash, a castle, a city, and more—endless possibilities! Check out cardboard box ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.

Looking for More Family Activities?

I hope you enjoy these at-home family activities! Want to get out of the house? Check out these Houston family activities.

at-home family activities Dazzling Diva Photography
at-home family activities Dazzling Diva Photography

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at-home family activities Dazzling Diva Photography
at-home family activities Dazzling Diva Photography

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